About Us

Who we are

Suncoast Church

“Suncoast Church has a heart for the people in our community. We believe that to make a city safe, it takes strong families which are functional families the product of strong healthy relationships. Strong relationships grow on love and Suncoast is built on these following core values: • Love for God and truth • Love for one another • Love for our community”

Our Vision

Strong Families // Safe City

Our Church

Suncoast Church has a vision to see the Sunshine Coast become one of the safest cities in the country. We believe each person and each family plays a vital role in making a more connected, safer place. We are actively involved and believing to see less crime and substance abuse, higher employment and standards of education, less family breakdown and a minimization of poverty and improved social consciousness and behavior.

Our Senior Pastors

Chas and Fran Gullo have been the Senior Pastors at Suncoast Church since 1996. Their love for God and their heart for people of all ages continue to inspire as they champion the message of the Gospel by nurturing individual growth, strong families and safe city projects. Chas and Fran’s great passion is marriage and the family. Their heart is to see the Sunshine Coast as a community where families are strong, marriages are supported and children are safe.

Our Services

We run five vibrant Sunday services at four locations across the coast for people of all ages. Our Woombye Services are at 10am and 6:00pm, Mooloolaba 11am, Beerwah 10am and Wamuran also at 10am. These services are a great opportunity to encounter God in a new way; to be inspired toward successful, authentic living and make some new connections along the way! Our café ‘Bean at the Chapel’ caters to all tastes and the coffee is great! It’s a great place to catch up with friends and to meet new people.


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